DIVQSec @ KEEQuant

KEEQuant hosted the DIVQSec – Deutscher Industrieverbund für Quantensicherheit‘s (German Industry Association for Quantum Security) very first on-premise meeting since ist inception. We enjoyed a great day with multiple talks and high quality face-to-face meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. And of course we did not forget to highlight the KEEQuant QKD and KMS products. We are looking forward to the next on-premise meeting!

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CODE Meeting at Universität der Bundeswehr

We were present at the CODE meeting and took a lot of input back home to KEEQuant. A personal highlight was the exciting discussion about the QKD panel with participants from secunet Security Networks AGQuantum Optics Jena GmbHRohde & Schwarz CybersecurityBWI GmbHTÜV Informationstechnik GmbH – TÜViT (TÜV NORD GROUP) and Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

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Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

Cybersicherheit mit Quantenoptik – geht es noch komplizierter?

Wer sein logisches Denken ausschalten und es gleichzeitig auf Hochtouren arbeiten lassen kann, ist im Vorteil. Dass das gar nicht so schwer ist und was das mit Quantencomputern zu tun hat, will euch das Team von KEEQuant an praktischen Beispielen beweisen. Denn viele komplexe Lösungen beruhen oft auf faszinierenden und einfachen Ideen.

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Happy to be at ECOC2021 in Bordeaux, France. Imran Khan presented KEEQuant’s vision of bringing CV-QKD into every coherent telecom transceiver using integrated photonics , outlined in the talk “Enabling a Large-Scale Deployment of QKD”.

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KEEQuant is proud to host a workshop on QKD securing the electric power grid and embedded devices. Organized by Bayern Innovativ GmbH (Christoph Karl and Dr. Andreas Böhm), the participants from Prof. Juergen Mottok‘s group at Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg and Bayernwerk‘s NEXT group around Jürgen Kandlbinder discussed the details of future implementations

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EFFECT Photonics was very pleased to host KEEQuant for a meeting in our offices in Eindhoven. KEEQuant is a start-up focused on coherent quantum cryptography. This was a first meeting to explore how our highly synergetic technologies could work together in a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solution. Imran Khan (Managing Director, Co-Founder) and Martin Hauer (Developer & Manager Photonics) from KEEQuant, joined Joost Verberk (Director of Product Management), Tim Koene (CTO) and Wouter Rensen (Project Manager) from EFFECT Photonics.

To find out more about QKD at EFFECT Photonics, visit https://effectphotonics.com/an-introduction-to-qkd

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