PhD Position @ KEEQuant

KEEQuant is a proud partner of the doctoral training network “QuNEST – Quantum Enhanced Optical Communication Network Security Doctoral Training”.

QuNEST is a highly interdisciplinary and intersectoral Doctoral Network composed of leading academic and industrial partners. The project offers a total of 11 fully funded PhD Positions, funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Doctoral Networks.

The focus of the PhD @ KEEQuant will be on photonic integrated quantum/classical transceivers. The PhD enrollment will be with Eindhoven University of Technology, who are also leading the consortium.

More information about our PhD Position can be found at the job posting. The application period extends throughout the first quarter of 2024.

All vacancies and further information about the project are published on the QuNEST website:

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KEEQuant @ it-sa

As always, the time at the it-sa expo was amazing!

We had the opportunity to engage with visitors and discuss our QKD technology through a live demo, providing insights into quantum key distribution. Even evil Eve came by and was touched by our system, tried to infer the keys in vain.

At the ATHENE Digital Hub Cybersecurity UPitsaAward live pitch event, we presented KEEQuant’s company vision. A huge thanks to Bayern Innovativ GmbH and IT-Sicherheitscluster e. V. for the great and ongoing support.

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Once again this year, we exhibited at the LASER World of Quantum Expo in Munich, showcasing our innovative Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC), allowing for 100% integration of KEEQuant’s CV-QKD functionality.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Live demonstrations and detailed presentations on PIC design and applications.
  • Engaged with attendees, providing insights into the potential of PIC-based QKD.
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Deutschlandfunk Podcast “Was hinter Quantenkryptographie steckt”

Was braucht es noch um Quantenkryptographie zur breiten Anwendung zu bringen und unsere kritischen Infrastrukturen abzusichern? Frank Grotelüschen vom Deutschlandfunk hat dazu Ulrich Eismann im Rahmen der sehr hörenswerten Podcastreihe “Quantentechnologie im Realitätscheck” interviewt. Die kurzweiligen sechs Minuten werden heute Nachmittag 16:35 ausgestrahlt und sind jederzeit als Podcast verfügbar.

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QuNET+ProQuake kickoff @ KEEQuant

Two days of lively discussions about creating a QKD Post-Processing stack for the well-known protocol families of CV-QKD, DV-QKD, and EB-QKD. We are very happy to get into the details of the project with our partners: FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg , Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München , Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI , Fraunhofer IOF , Technische Universität Darmstadt, and VPI Photonics. We will keep you posted on our results in the next 3 years, so stay tuned!

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EuroQCI Kickoff in Brussels

We spent a great day at the European Commission‘s offices attending the EuroQCI (European Quantum Communication Infrastructure) project’s kickoff. All 26 national testbed projects were showcasing their plans for the first round of testbeds. The 5 industrial projects’ representatives presented their ways of improving QKD technology from EU-27. In this group, KEEQuant is coordinating the SEQRET project (stay tuned for more details) and its main goals

  • CV-QKD from EU-27
  • certifiability of CV-QKD
  • scaling CV-QKD through photonic integration

Finally, the overarching PETRUS project showed its scope. Exciting times ahead for quantum cryptography in Europe!

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Pursuing Scale Up Europe – A New Deal for Sovereignty

Great to represent Quantum Communications and KEEQuant at such an exclusive event, hosted by La French Tech and the French Embassy at Berlin. Together with the Quantum Technologies team, we formulated key points for national and European politics to foster the field and drive European Sovereignty.

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